Thursday, February 02, 2006

on "help"


Foot Eater said...

Was that inspired by recent personal experience by any chance, AB?

the anti-barney said...

Ever so slightly

27AnonymousInches said...

Glark is the noise I make when I try to stop laughing at blunt cogs. So MASTERFULLY written, it is. So BEAUTIFULLY illustrated. I laugh so hard I stuff my face with my own kneecap to hold in the ebbulience!
There was a time once when I grew ill and was taken to a doctors office by a concerned passersby. There I was provided with a bag to use in case of illness.
I ignored the bag and chose to instead redecorate the carpeting in the queue area.
My 27 inches, which I cannot control, accidentally dipped and dragged through the resulting material.
What I am trying to say is that the random Pollack-style rendering was more meaningful and humorous than Blunt Cogs!
By reading it I risk reducing my liklihood of meeting women by a further 20% just from the visible side-effects. I can't afford that steep a reduction, especially when I'm already hovering at around 15%.

Jokemail said...

Looks like we have someone trying to personify the anonymous commentator. Perhaps he or she should be refered to

Sarah said...

haha 27anonymouscunt..

why don't you submit?

something.. i'll be happy to draw it up for you.

27 inches of pubic hair.. i feel for you.. truly.

the anti-barney said...

I thought I told you to Fuck off,you pathetic limp-dicked loser.

27AnonymousInches said...

And I did, anti-barney! I have a receipt here from my gramma saying so! And one from yours as well!
And if she's dead, then the signiture may be forged: but the love certainly wasn't.

El Barbudo said...

OK, this anon27 person is clearly a sad fucker who can't be bothered to actually create a character that anyone can be interested in. So I hand the choice over to you, my Blunt Cog compatriates as to whether you want me to leave his comments on site so you can slag him off in any way you'd desire, or whether you would just prefer his comments deleted and he is forever ignored.

I'll leave this decision for a day or two so anyone whose opinion counts can have their say.

Foot Eater said...

El B: My vote is for keeping comments like this undeleted. Driving them underground just strengthens them, as it does with Nazis, communists and similar types.

It hurts me to say this but I think I finally understand what you mean by trying too hard, and with hindsight I admit I have been guilty of it at times. At least I can say with hand on heart that I have never, ever posted anonymously and will never do so.

Oh, by the way, fuck off, etc.

Sarah said...

El B: this person obviously went through the trouble of creating a faux blogger account, simply to work a way around the no anonymous comment settings.

i say let him/her stay.. he/she is obviously lonely. he/she proves this by admittance of necrophilia and use of online dating sites.

i found his/her comment slightly amusing.. it illustrates the maturity level attained..

in such situations.. we must remember.. "i've heard worse from people that have meant FAR more." to take offence to such things is to admit that you give a fuck what they think in the first place.

Monstee said...

Me kinda think you should let him stay too.

"a six inch man, riding a tiny scaffold up and down the length of my penis with a bucket of soap and a squeegee."

Now that made me laugh.

But me don't really feel me opinion counts all that much. More weight should be given to what AB says. This little hermaphroditic homunculus did seem to be spawned at his blog. If he don't want the little fairy prancing around... ignore him.

fatmammycat said...

Just leave it, you can always hose it down afterwards.

Kim Ayres said...

In the hope that the comments are finally sticking, I'll repost my thoughts on this whole anon business:

Personally I would just delete his/her comments. It woudn't be so bad if s/he was actually funny, but it's just lame.

I mean, we have all this talent, intelligence and creativity in the Blunt Cogs circle - from Dr Maroon's incredible stories, to Foot Eater's Limericks; GB's observations on humans to Monstee's 3 panel genius. So why bother with some poor saddo who is desperately trying to make him/herself feel important?

I can only compare the approach of Monstee (who came from Sarah's neck of the woods, and I am not connected to in any way - sorry Foot Eater), who's looked at the various blogs, gotten to know the characters and submitted some great scripts, with some lame, teenager with no talent and a bloated sense of self importance.

Why give him/her air?

Still, this is El B's call and he's thrown it open to a democratic debate (quite out of character,I must say), so if there are people here who will have fun baiting this guy/gal then fair enough - insult away and enjoy yourselves, but I've never had a problem with just deleting arseholes who visit my blog. They soon get fed up when they realise it takes them longer to submit their insult than it does for me to delete them.

27AnonymousInches said...

On behalf of the boys in the band and myself, I hope we pass the audition.