Friday, February 17, 2006

Episode 9: the big one..

Episode 1: the one about the fire..
Episode 2: that blue bastard.
Episode 3: do ra mi fa SO?!
Episode 4: geen, nein, ingen, NO!
Episode 5: what an enterance..
Episode 6: does it?
Episode 7: ****ing ****!
Episode 8: oops..


Kim Ayres said...

****ing excellent, Monstee. You just keep upping the standard.

Monstee said...

Thanks Kim, but it's you that inspired this one. 90% of the words came from your posting!

Now if me can just get the lag under 10 days...

Kim Ayres said...

I know - I recognised the words, which is what made it so bloody funny. I don't know whether anyone else will find it as funny, but you made me guffaw out loud!

Binty McShae said...

*sniff* Brought a tear to me eye, 't did!

Spot on Monstee, you're a monster and a ****ing half!

Foot Eater said...

Great attention to detail, Monstee. I take it RIH means Rot In Hell?

Monstee said...

Well Foot, it was "Rest in Hell", but me like Rot a whole lot better!!