Monday, February 20, 2006

New Flash Header

When I created the banner header, I used the characters that we had to date. Since then, we have had the fantastic additions of Anonymous, Sarah Laughs and Monstee. There is a limited amount of space so to put in the new characters meant removing someone else. However, Monstee has once again come to the rescue.

In case you've not noticed, Monstee has put his expertise to amazing use by converting the header to a Flash version which neatly gets round this problem by the creative use of a certain amount of animation.

Glance up, feel that sense of awe, and give a nod/beard tug/chest thump/raise a glass to Monstee in respect.



El Barbudo said...

Really cool Monstee. I tug my beard with great respect at you.

Monstee said...

Awww shucks guys!
You gonna make me magenta.

Truth am, it was really nothing that any old software genius with enormous genitals, advanced bedroom expertise & varied sexual technique couldn't have done.

Me a giver... it's what me do.

Monstee :]

P.S. Seriously, after night with me women have been so satisfied they been known to spontaneously lean obscure languages or suddenly become concert level flautists and stuff. Freaky shit!

SheBah said...

Wow, that is truly impressive.

Sarah said...


Binty McShae said...

You should hook up with Lindy then... she's trying to learn Japanese at the moment.

LindyK said...

Binty's right, I just bought another book to help me learn... what the hell have I got into?!

Anyrate, excellent header, Monstee... you're quite the genius with the Flash!

happykat said...

Montsee makes my nipples nippy!

Anonymous said...

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