Saturday, February 04, 2006

love wanted..


SafeTinspector said...

Testing.... will this comment stick?

El Barbudo said...

Well it would be nice if it does

27AnonymousInches said...

Amusing, though I am not so anonymous anymore. The light of truth has shined upon me and revealed me in my darkened room, huddling with my massive and flaccid phallus bundled in my protective arms. How else to run with such a burden?
I am but a figment of imagination. But even so I am far more manly than any here (excepting fair [NAME WITHHELD], of course) as my imagination includes a train that stops at ass-rape stations where I am always certain to stop and get 'serviced' by the attendant and studly workers. Why do they charge so much? It is my dream, is it not? Such services should be free in your imagination. No matter, I imagine myself a checkbook and write bad checks for my private ass rapings.
But that is my point! I am more than manly, because YOUR imaginations are filled with naught but Hummel figurines, Smurf blankets and small cakes to be eaten while drinking from dainty little tea cups and pointing your pristine, virginal nostrils in the air.
My nostrils have known love such as you shall never achieve.

Dr Maroon said...

Like the foot.

27inches, you have an unhealthy anglo saxon fixation.

27AnonymousInches said...

Dr. M:Which is more unhealthy, I ask you: Having a consideration for the slaves of the UK queen or actually BEING one of the subjects of Her Dustiness?
Once, when I and my schlong were traveling Europe on a signing tour, I was granted a private audience with Her Highness. Believe me when I tell you that she was unable to fit more than 4 of my massive inches into her ill-prepared tea swigger.
Bless her geriatric, politically anachronistic ass, she tried so hard.
Juggling my man-orbs, making all sorts of appreciative noises, and ultimately requesting in no uncertain terms that I enter the Royal presence of her butt cavity.
I accomodated her request after making her sign a Royal pardon for me in advance of the exquisite abuse her rectal cavity was about to endure.
I have no interest in spending the rest of my life hanging my incredible penis from the bars of the Tower of London and taunting the Beefeaters with the Beef They Dare Not Eat.

El Barbudo said...

Fucking hell you're a boring cunt aren't you? Fine, everyone finds the exaggerated dick joke amusing once in a while, but every fucking comment?

You're a broken fucking record and boring as shit.

You came to the wrong place if you're expecting to impress anyone by repeating the same fucking joke over and over and over again. Bloggers here have real fucking intelligence and creativity.

Even Footeater, who started off making purile jokes that weren't funny has become worth reading (sometimes - don't let it go to your head FE). He's moved on,and with it has started developing a bit of fucking talent that you are utterly failing to display.

If you are really intent on trying to make your mark around here then your best bet is to fuck off for a while, lurk around some of the other sites, see what real talent is, and then come back under another name once you've learnt how to make people laugh rather than grimace.

That is the only piece of fucking advice you are ever going to get from me. If you are wise you will heed it unless you really want to stay a boring, sad fucker for the rest of your life.

Now fuck off.

the anti-barney said...

Dr. Maroon was right,this WILL all end in tears.

SafeTinspector said...

Egads, he is a bit of a one-trick poney.
But I suppose its a bit like the old saying,
If you're a lumberjack, everything looks like trees.

Sarah said...

i agree with you El B.. it was funny at first.. now.. not so much.