Sunday, March 05, 2006

Which Blunt Cogs Character Are You?

After questions being raised about who might be who and what is real anyway, I've devised this quiz to help you determine, once and for all, which Blunt Cogs character you really are.

  1. Do you have a beard?

  2. A: Why stop with a beard when you can cover your whole body?
    B: Of course - a beard is the expression of a man's virility
    C: Nothing wrong with a neat, trimmed beard
    D: A bit of stubble on my days off
    E: Absolutely not!

  3. Would other bloggers recognise you in the non-blog world?

  4. A: My name and photo are on my blog - easy peasy
    B: You may know what I look like, but you'd have to search for my name
    C: You don't know what I look like, but my personality is pretty much the same
    D: My personality is somewhat exaggerated on my blog
    E: You'd never know me in a million years

  5. How much are you involved in Blunt Cogs

  6. A: My name's on the contributor's list
    B: I've written several scripts or coded for the site
    C: I've written one or two but intend to do more
    D: I've not written a script but I do comment
    E: I mean to comment more but keep forgetting

  7. Where do you live?

  8. A: North Amercia
    B: Ireland
    C: England
    D: Scotland
    E: Somewhere Else

After clicking "WHO AM I?" below, make a note of your score (you can ignore the rest), then click on GIVE ME MORE and you will be taken to a page where your identity will be revealed


Foot Eater said...

Spot on. Kim, that's eerie. Now I really am getting paranoid.

SafeTinspector said... comment disappeared. Was it deleted?
Oh, and I was working on the nav script. You'll need to delete whatever you added to the template, revisit the test site, and add the new code.

It should work...or I'll cry!

SafeTinspector said...

Oh, and my score landed me a 10.

the result schedule says:
9: Fatmammycat
11: Sexybeauty

So....I'm between being a large maternal kitty cat and a beautiful sexy thang.

Binty McShae said...

30 - stuck between Kim and GB! Like cheese between two furry pieces of bread.

El Barbudo said...

Fucking excellent Kim - got that one right.

Kim Ayres said...

SafeTinspector - I think your other comment is in the answers post. Script is now working like a dream. Many, many thanks for that!

If you chose C.B.B.A. then you should get you, but if you didn't select that then I've put you in the wrong category for something

Binty - I had you down for DCBE.IF you're scoring 30 then either you have more facialhair than you're letting on, or you personality is exaggerated to the point where no one would ever know you.

Foot Eater and El B, I'm glad I got you both right

Binty McShae said...

Aha... maybe it's both but it's brought back down again because I really live in Scunthorpe

SheBah said...

Kim - I have scored 18/40 - EEDC and if I change it to count that rather bad suggestion of a script for blunt cogs I score 19/40 - so ya think ya know me, Hehehe. The disguise works!

Foot Eater said...

Seriously, Kim, it is quite uncanny the way you've sussed people out. I've tried a few other combinations according to how I imagine the other bloggers to be and nearly always come up with the same identity as you've listed.

redhead83402 said...

kim, at first, when i took the quiz, i was able to click on ~give me more~ and it came out to all the answers, scorres, etc, where I belive I left a cooment, however, upon trying to get there a 2nd time, I am now informed that I do not have the proper credentials to view said page. Am I kicked off due to the lowest of scores? ( a 5, urghh,, and yet, to a T, to a T! )
Oh duhh, it just occurred to me that it could be that I had not yet signed in, sheesh... you see why I score so low? ;-D

redhead83402 said...

Ughh ~ nope, that wasn't the problem, still doing it. hmmm ~ I can see by reading my previous ~cooment~ that typing with one hand whilst partaking of some tasty morning mush with the other is perhaps not the brightest idea.

Kim Ayres said...

SB - I had you down for ECDC, so I was clearly wrong with you somewhere. Maybe you have a beard and live in Scotland - nah, that would make you me and Foot Eater would start another campaign.

Footeater - as you can see from SB and SafeTinspector, I've not got it down to a fine art.

Redhead - it's blocking me from visiting too, so I've no idea what's going on. It might be blogger just having a funny turn or it might be something more serious. I've just tried republishing it, but it still won't let me in.

If I still can't access it tomorrow I'll try rebuilding the blog.

happykat said...

I contribute less here than a canidate for vice president, but I took the test anyway b/c I like clicky clicks.

results: 6/40.....riveting stuff

Foot Eater said...

It's interesting to put in known variables about other people and then use the final score to work out things you didn't know about them. I've discovered some intriguing facts about at least two people.

El Barbudo said...

Or you've discovered what Kim's guessing about them. You want to be careful footeater, you're spending so much time trying to figure out who everyone is that you're missing the fun.

And the fuck do you think will happen if you find out anyway?

Remember when you pulled the fucking beard off Santa Claus and discovered he was actually your headmaster in disguise? Terrible way to find out who your dad was.

Foot Eater said...

You want to be careful footeater

Is that a threat?

Yes, I would have been surprised to pull the beard off Santa and discover my headmaster, since she was a woman.

El Barbudo said...

So your the son of an unnatural lesbian affair then? That might explain your dislike for beards.

Foot Eater said...

You fucking what?

Anyway, I've got nothing against beards in general, just yours.