Monday, March 27, 2006

Voting tactics at the Blunt Cogs Smug Awards

Voting has been hotting up at the Smug Awards with at least 36 votes cast so far in most categories. Don't forget that you can cast a new vote each day and on April 1st, the winners will be announced.

So far:
Best Artwork has Sarah Laughs so far ahead that no one else is really in contention

Best Script Writer has Monstee at 3 times the number of votes to his nearest rival

Best Series is a bit closer - although El Barbudo's Ending It All is a clear favourite, Monstee's Language Sensor and Binty's 7 Deadly Sins are gathering a respectable number of votes each

Best Technical Innovation is a straight race between Kim's site design and Monstee's Flash Strip of Schroedinger's Cat

Best 6 Panel Strip has Monstee's Outtakes way out in front, although Kim's Identity Crisis is mopping up most of the rest of the votes so far

Best Character is a fight between old rivals El Barbudo and Foot Eater, with El B currently having the edge by only 2 votes. Glark/Anonymous, however, is sneaking up and cannot be discounted at this stage

Best Commenter is a slug-fest between Dr Maroon and Foot Eater, with HappyKat the outsider's favourite

Best (Favourtite) Single Strip is more complicated because almost everyone has voted for a different strip. However, Monstee's new entry of El Barbudo's Wake has the support of 2 people so far, so is actually in the lead.

The Bonus Award for a strip about the awards only has 2 strips currently in the running, so now's the time to submit those scripts and try and earn yourself that prestigious award to place on your site.

Don't forget that the voting is open to anyone, and not just Blunt Cogs characters, so if HappyKat, Dr Crumble, Barker in Valencia, Michael the Tubthumper, or anyone else wishes to vote or mention their favourite strip in the comments then they are more than welcome to do so.



Binty McShae said...

Might I suggest you set a cut off date for submitting nominations for best single strip and then set up a vote thing for it... that might make it a bit easier.

SafeTinspector said...

what Binty said

Binty McShae said...

Fuck! Just seen the "New vote each day" thing. I've missed out on several opportunities to crown myself 'Best Character'. Even though I'm not.

Kim Ayres said...

Well, as my old physics teacher used to say:

"If all else fails... READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!"

Sarah said...

Kim, to make the voting go more quickly on "best strip" you could narrow it down to the ones that have been mentioned more than once and put that in a poll.

just a thought. there are so many strips and so many different sense of humours going on!! :o)

Sarah said...

oh and i have a poll host account, if you can't do it because of the limit reached rule.

Kim Ayres said...

I still have room on my poll host account, but the fact is that the only strip that has so far had more than one vote is El Barbudo's Wake, which currently has 4