Sunday, January 22, 2006

Written Comparisons

If you can't make sense of this, I suggest you visit Dr Maroon's site and read the ongoing installments of his Beggar's Opera


Dr Maroon said...


Ah first reviews!
Thank you dahling.
Coming backstage after?
Lots of booze dahling! Lots.

First rate cartoon by the way. I've stolen it for the next intermission.

fatmammycat said...

Ah, that is too sweet. I'm touched.

the anti-barney said...

Between Kim's skill with cartoons
and Doc.Maroon's wizardry with words,I think the Anti-Barney is now redundant and should therefore fuck off and educate himself.

Kim Ayres said...

You're forgetting Anti Barney, that this script was in fact yours, and while Doc M is busy with his epic saga, he hasn't actually submitted a single cartoon strip yet, whereas you have been one of the most prolific.

You're not redundant yet.

justbreathe28 said...

im so loving the site and the characters,jolly well done!!!!!!

SheBah said...

It goes from strength to strength! So much talent. What glorious japes as Doc Maroon would say!