Saturday, January 21, 2006

Cry for help

Hi folks,

There is no doubt that we're all having a lot of fun with this, and the scripts are coming in fast and furious. What this means, however, is that I don't have enough spare time to keep up.

What I need are a few people that use (and have a copy of) Photoshop, who would be prepared to help build the strips out of the scripts sent in.

I have created templates for the panels and the characters, so as long as you understand how to use layers, it's basically a cut 'n' paste job

If you are a bit wary about leaving your details here in front of this mad bunch of cartoon characters, then please e-mail me if you can help

For that matter, if there are any "Flash" experts out there who think they could build a character generator, like the SouthPark one, then please let me know. If this takes off, we may have to worry about copyright infringement, so I'd like a plan B option to work on.



P.S. Please also take the time to comment on these strips - good or bad. Everyone who's taken the time to come up with the ideas and create them and would love to get feedback. If you have to insult, then at least make it witty, or turn it into another script.


the anti-barney said...

Don't be so selfish Kim,if you were any good you'd give up the day job to further our amusement.Pity I'm so useless at computers as I'd love to give you a dig out.

SafeTinspector said...

I can use GIMP ( which is like Photoshop, but free.
But I don't know if your templates and whatnot will work.

Sarah said...

i have photoshop and i know how to use it..

i'm dangerous that way.

El Barbudo just gave me an invite to make a character as he deemed me gross enough.

my e-mail is

Dr Maroon said...

I'm not totally sure what you're talking about, so that rules me out.

the anti-barney said...

Welcome Sarah,we can always use ONE
gross person to help balance our views,not too gross though.

Sarah said...

i can be pretty gross. i'll try to keep it reasonable.

Kim Ayres said...

Dr Evil is getting to grips with Photoshop and Sarah has offered her skills, so I'm hoping between us we can deal with things.

SafeTinspector, I appreciate the offer, but I doubt whether gimp will open photoshop files. Do correct me if I'm wrong though.