Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Death In The Family - Part One

TO BE CONTINUED................

Well, It's been one year and 11 days since a script of mine last appeared on Blunt Cogs... but if you go back and take a look at it's topic then maybe that's not so surprising!

This is part one of a saga I'm guessing will be roughly 10 parts, uploaded (roughly) weekly. May not be every Wednesday, but close enough... I hope!

Cheers m'dears!



sarah said...

i just don't know if i'm ready for this...

ok - i volunteer to jump in front of the train!

Uber Ed said...

Considering most of the characters have been glarked at one time or another, this could be fun :)

Looking forward to it, Binty, just don't do a Maroon on us

Lord Andrew of Goulding said...

I guess you've been busy.