Thursday, August 09, 2007



Monstee said...

What the?!?
THE Happykat?
Am Happykat still around?
Her blog say she am no longer there and me can find her nowhere.
Wow. Good to hear she still purring.

Sarah said...

i think she's honestly kidnapped SafeT and plans to make him into a psychotic attachment..

how exciting!

Anonymous said...

Good Job Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, you did an excellent job. Thank you so much.

Kim, thanks for passing it along.

monstee, I lurk. I'm here, just in the background.

Feel free to expound on this post. Have fun with it. Let your imaginations run amok! (Sarah, I know you can think of something terribly delicious along these lines!)

as always...bite my ass,

SafeTinspector said...

I'm compatible with almost every psychotic attachment you can buy. I can only mount a few at a time, however.

Holy crap! It's been ages since SafeT has appeared in a BC strip. I've been around, but no one bothers to visit my blog, probably because I don't get around to everyone else's blog but once every week or two.
I shrank, which made things a little different.