Sunday, September 17, 2006

nice place you got here..


Kim Ayres said...

I remember that picture on the wall from before - nice continuity!

Monstee said...

At first this was funny... then somewhat sad when me realize it coming from newlywed.

What's the matter Sarah? Am groom not "up" for job? Am married life to hard... er, me mean stressful or something?

Dr Maroon said...


That picture's like the Edward Munch one that was stolen but found again.

Monstee you worry too much, go comb your face or something.

Sarah said...

monstee: it was merely a retort for the comment that McShae made on his site, when i said: "i like it here" in comment to one of his posts.

he was being cheeky. nothing new there.

newlywed life has been fine my blue buddy.

SafeTinspector said...

Cheek n' Stuff!