Thursday, May 04, 2006

Really back to normal?

I was using a different computer to put this one together so didn't have access to my usual tools. Consequently I just doctored this one.

Thanks to HappyKat for this


SafeTinspector said...

Is glark the sound of the rending flesh or a final verbal outburst?

Sarah said...

thanks Kat! and Kim! i've been busy enough at work that i've not had the time to take a piss let alone write and build a strip!

well done. and amusing!

Monstee said...

Good one Kat! And good use of the Glark.

SafeT, me think it am last verbal outburst as whatever it am the removes head am removing head.

Good to see a new one, me have been little too sick to do much of anything lately, but me got ideas. Hope to post them soon.

happykat said...

Nothing beats a good Foot decapitation!

Foot Eater said...

HappyKat, your horrifying gravatar has long freaked me out, and now you decapitate me just as the stitches were about to be removed at last. I'll remember this, don't you worry.